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About Our Team

Johan Björklund

CEO and President
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 31

Email: Jbjorklund@traffictech.com

Started with Schenker in Sweden 1977 and held positions such as General Oceanfreight and Project Manager.
Joined steamshipline agent Aseco 1998 as CEO for Projects and Logistics.
1999 joined Circle / EGL and held position as VP and Director of Oceanfreight for EGL Scandinavia.
Started JAS Forwarding in Sweden 2003 and developed JAS in Scandinavia. Held the position as Regional Managing Director for 11 years. Joining BJORA Group as CEO and President.


Lars Radnäs

CFO and Vice President
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 32

Started his carreer in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, with Mediada AB 1980. Assistant Financial Manager
Continued with companies such as Nobel Biocare, Pharmatec and Fermenta Pharaceuticals during the years 1982-2000 as Financial Manager. Joined Bergendals EL in 2000 and continued to 2009 also in same position.
Joined JAS Forwarding in 2009 and held the position such as Financial and IT Manager.
Started BJORA Group in Sweden 2015-03-02 and is CFO and Vice President .


Ida Grev

COO & Manager Ocean Traffics
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 33
Email:   igrev@traffictech.com

Started her careers at Volvo in 2008 as material controller.
Joined Logent in 2012 and handled forwaring work with ro/ro traffic to the UK imports and exports.
Joined JAS Forwarding in fall of 2012 and performed both import and export shipments to a great success.
Joining BJORA Group AB and becoming Manager Ocean Traffics Imports and Exports.


Britt Kuhlin

Freight Forwarder
Direct:  +46 31 19 19 50

Email: swedenwarehouse@traffictech.com

Britt started her career in 1975 and has thru the years experience not only in office and administration she also has what we call floor-experience and huge knowledge of physical work with the cargo. Among the companies she’s been working with is, Confracta, Intergarment, Simon Edstrom, ASG, DHL as well as AA-International. Britt joined Borlind back in 2007 and celebrate in 2017 10 years with our company. Her role is to act as Warehouse Forwarder and to make sure that all the daily work in our warehouse is running smoothly.


Rolf Holmberg

Teamleader: Iron and Steel

Left school after completing his studies in the mechanical fields back in the eighties. His main interest in life has been motors and hockey. Has been involved in physical handling of cargo with various warehouses and terminals in Gothenburg for many, many years with companies such as IKEA, SCTT, AA-International and Borlind.

Returned back to Borlind in 2015 to lead the sector of Iron and Steel handling plus special project handling.


Thomas Hallberg

Teamleader: Paper Products

Thomas started his career in 1985 with BIMA AB (presently owned by Volvo). Since 1985 Thomas been with various companies involved in warehousing and physical handling of cargo such as Elof Hansson, KWD, JAS Forwarding etc. His side interest from work is football and been an active player in clubs like, Floda Boif, Gais, Jonsereds etc. Thomas joined the Borlind force in June of 2016.


Johan Westerdahl

Cargo Specialist

Johan is born in the south of Sweden and moved to Gothenburg a long time ago. Has since then performed warehousework for various companies among others Kakeldax Gruppen in Gothenburg. He is joining our crew 2019-12-01 and will be a good asset for us while growing our efforts and activities.