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Our services

Paper Products

The facts that Borlind for a long time been very focused on handling paper products is well know and we are proud to state that we work with very well known and established trading houses in Gothenburg.

This has also reflected on how about 50 % of our forklift fleet is equipped. We have the so called clamp-systems on a numerous of our forklifts and offer possibilities to handled reels of paper with an diameter of 1900 mm.

Iron & Steel Products

Also other base products on Swedish exports and imports is handled via our facility.

Swedish steel is world known for it’s quality and we are proud to state that we handle substantial volumes yearly on Global exports. You might think that Steel products always is a low value type of cargo but highly profiled cargo is also sent on export and we do handle all physical loading, securing in units of same weekly.

Also import of Tinplate is a big commodity for us, yearly we do handle approx. 1000 x 20’ containers via our warehouse in so called trans loading form.

Cargo Freight Station

A Cargo Freight Station is there to support the Swedish industry by handling huge quantities of cargo as well as handle cargo with high value, size or weight.

The CFS of Borlind do just that and with the knowledge of our own crew together with our in-house experience we can offer our customers easy and flexible handling of all their products. If the products are to be loaded in containers or on flat-racks or even trailers we are equipped to handle and assist. No task is to heavy for us to accommodate.

Pick and Pack

During 2015 Borlind decided to upgrade our buildings for temperature controlled cargo. We decided to enter the pharmaceutical world and to mark our presence to the market, we do have our own QP = Qualified person attached to our organization, we perform all our work in accordance to GDP-rules = Good Distribution Practice.

Daily we pick and pack orders for our customers and send globally as well as domestically. All orders obtained before none is packed and sent from us same day.

Our buildings offer a guaranteed temperature of between +2 to + 25 C. This is monitored daily and if failures in temperature reach a certain point an alarm goes off. By working in the pharmaceutical world the so called own self-control is important and all our handling is always double checked before taking in or delivering out orders.

Bonded Warehousing

Bonded warehousing is an important thing for the Swedish importing industry. We are a tool for them by being able to handle cargo to perfection in our own warehouse with own staff etc.

But our area is also a bonded zone were our customers can store their cargo before clearing customs on the import side or just to gather products bought in other countries were they later are to deliver all cargo as one shipment.

All this is being monitored and handled at Borlind-terminal in Gothenburg. By being online with Swedish customs we can always make sure all is updated and handled as per European rules.

Consolidation services

To gather cargo in one focal point and to build consolidation container and ship to global destinations, or receive containers to unload and distribute is something that a few of our customers who are Forwarders let us do weekly for them.

To load a consolidation container is always the little extra challenge that we seek in our daily work. Various products with various weights and dimensions to be loaded in one unit gives you the special feeling of global trade and due to our long experience in this field we know that we do fill an important role for our customers.

Everything from a 2 tons of steel bar loaded together with palletized cargo is fitted safely in the containers. On the inbound leg loose cartons in a container needs to be palletized, shrink-wrapped and marked with several various consignees names and addresses before distribution. These are just a few of the weekly arrangements that Borlind perform for it’s customers.