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Old traditional stevedoring work.

Early morning in December we received the first cargo for loading/handling of the Swedish Pavilion with final dest Dubai and EXPO 2020.

Long length’s of wood beams to be loaded by use of crane in 40′ open top containers at our back yard. Of course the day chosen for the first load was of the worst possible weather, with about -10 C in the morning and around 10.30 rain which made the working environment quite interesting to perform in.
Slippery and actually quite dangerous.

Well the work entrusted to us went well despite taking extra time as it was like putting a puzzle together. But in the end, all loaded without damages or remarks, safe and well stowed by using every inch of the units.

The complete work entrusted to Borlind by one of our long term customers is to handle the entire Pavilion in parts from the various manufactures in Sweden.

All cargo to be loaded into about 45 x 40′ open top containers, properly blocked and braced incl all documentation for VGM, packing lists etc etc. We are also to make sure that the cargo is delivered to the port in time for shipment.
Truly great for us, as this is just the type of challenges we love

This type of work is a little bit extra as no given pre-stowage plan can be done due to the various dimensions of the cargo.
So we just have to use our own experience to make it reality. This is just how we work, we love the extra challenges and as shown of some of the pictures each container was loaded up to it’s absolute maximum.

We are prod to state that mission completed and our luck is much more to come.