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So dear Reader and Follower,

The fall 2019 is almost over, we are entering into the wintertime with all that this can and will bring. The first truck from our new supplier of fuel has delivered the earlier informed about environmental-friendly fuel to us.

All arrangements and focus for us on the environment is now in full bloom in our entire organization. This is of course also valid among our partners, for making sure that we also in the future will have our Four Seasons here on earth.

The pictures shown is of course on our beautiful city and also on our own backyard plus one of our closest vendors. If we all do what we need to do, we will be successful and we shall all remember that we only have one world so lets do what we can to promote the environment.

In about 4 – 5 weeks we all might meet Santa and provided that we all done our hard work and been nice there might be gifts to us all.

This is the gift we have chosen to give to us all and the environment.