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The present year has meant a lot to our group of companies and our development in the industry. Everything from investments in our building and equipment such as forklifts etc, and for our customers for whom we invested in shelf-systems in one of our sheds to better suite the future needs for our Pharma-sector.

During 2018 we have also invested in new set of headlights in our yard, and new electrical wirering in some places as well as making improvement on the surphase. All in all a pretty good year when it comes to improvements.

During the fall of 2018 BJORA Group also acquired the remaining shares of Borlind and started a re-organization to be better prepared for the years to come. So many times we said that we are ready for new challenges and in fact we are. BJORA / Borlind constantly make corrections to be clear on the facts that we always provide the best possible service and alternative to our customers.

So welcome join our gang, we are here for you and always promise to listen to your needs for future developments.