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Summer 2018

Probably the hottest summer for many, many years.
Our warehouse-team is more busy then ever and not only commodities such as Paper, Iron & Steel is handled.
We also handle products such as cars and other refined products.
It puts us on toe’s to always perform from the top of our knowledge and to make sure you as our customer gets the correct and global service your are entitled to.

Due to the hot summer part of our entry-way was damaged by a train about 10 days ago and extra ordinary measures were taken to prevent trucks to get their tires destroyed.

We are sorry for that dear all but the train using that track is completely out of our control as they do not deliver to us, this tracks are used for other activities.

Anyhow, summer is here, crew is on vacation and the working team left do a lot of extra hours to make sure you our customers get the same service like you are used to while working with us.

Thanks for your support.