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We are all well known with the facts that Gothenburg is the most important port in Scandinavia.

Borlind is a part of the Gothenburg history when it comes to cargo handling.
Well cargo handling is on our agenda daily and to improve our efforts we are daily seeking new inovative ways of handling cargo so when we visited our American agent past week we could see that they way we handle and operate cargo in our warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden is not that much different then what …our partner does.
Good to see, know and learn that both we and our partner overseas do handle cargo by similar methods and always focus on what our customer wants.
To you out there who uses our service, thank you for your support, to you who not yet tried us out, welcome we will assure you, you will never be disapointed.
We have the knowledge, willingness and expertise to make sure that your cargo will sail and arrive without failures.