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The Year 2018

The present year has meant a lot to our group of companies and our development in the industry. Everything from investments in our building and equipment such as forklifts etc, and for our customers for whom we invested in shelf-systems in one of our sheds to better...

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Beautiful summer of 2018

Well the beautiful summer of 2018 is now long gone and the ordinary weather is coming back. That means wind and horizontal rain. Even watching a god game of football is making your life wet also on the outside. Fall 2018 means for us that we are starting...

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Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Probably the hottest summer for many, many years. Our warehouse-team is more busy then ever and not only commodities such as Paper, Iron & Steel is handled. We also handle products such as cars and other refined products. It puts us on toe's to always...

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Busy day at Borlind-terminalen in Gothenburg

We have earlier stated that we have a new partner for our rail-connections in Gothenburg. ProTrain is there name. Despite some troubles in early morning hours while shifting the rail-cars at our yard this partner do deliver even if it took some extra hours due to...

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Further improvements on our facility

Valid from Nov 23 no entrance is longer possible in to our office from our yard-level. Reason of course is to improve the International rules and to only give access to our customers by entering in to our Expedition-hall for further enquiries. Consequently only...

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